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Health Kinesiology (Natural Bioenergetics)

Balance session 1 hour £45 (1st session may take 90mins)

Health Kinesiology is one of holistic therapies based on the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We all have energy lines called Meridians travelling throughout our bodies. When these lines are balanced, we can maintain our good health and wellbeing. And if the reverse happens due to everyday events, psychological and environmental influences, we may feel negative or unwanted symptoms come out unexpectedly.

Kinesiologists are trained to communicate with the body and identify those energy balances by muscle testing technique, mainly using the arm, and form suitable adjustment works to improve the overall energy flow. No needles or talking therapy involved whilst other energy tools will be used combining with holding acupuncture points to retune the meridian flows.

Through Health Kinesiology balance sessions, you can listen to the wisdoms of your body, and acknowledge the priority and requirements towards improving your issues and achieving your goals.

Try Health Kinesiology to helpt you:

  • Achieve your Goals
  • Balance your Hormonal Levels
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Increase your Energy and Vitality
  • Optimise your Healing Ability
  • Overcome your Past Issues
  • Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Release your Emotional and/or Physical Trauma

People find the sessions very relaxing and hypnotic, and having accumulative effects and benefits. Commonly a course of sessions is expected toward an issue or goal.

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