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60 minutes session £35 Reflexology
30 minutes session £25 Mini Reflexology

Our feet are very sensitive. You can feel a tiny stone when it's inside your shoe and all information your feet pick up is sent to the brain through the nervous system, often without you noticing.  If there are nerve connections from the soles of the feet to brain, these lines must go through body organs as well.

Reflexologists believe that "reflex points" on the feet act as an anatomical map, and some divide the foot into 5 zones. By working on those points with firm pressure and/or gentle movements we are sending healing signals to your body and mind, which also helps eliminate toxins, and boosts your energy

Hands have very similar reflex points to those in the feet. Hand Reflexology is an alternative, and is as effective as foot treatment., and can make you feel pleasantly relaxed and drowsy.





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