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Aftercare for Waxing

For 24~48 hours after the treatment:
Avoid touching the waxed area with unwashed hands.
Avoid having a shower immediately.
Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing, friction or massage on the area.
Avoid having a bath, sauna, steam room, or other heat treatments.
Avoid exposing the area to the sun, sunlight or sunbeds.
Avoid gym work, swimming and other exercise.
Avoid applying talc, make up, fake-tanning, exfoliating products, or the use of body brush / loofah.
Avoid applying body sprays, deodorants, perfume, lotions or other products to the area other than those recommended by your therapist.
Avoid getting soaps or shower gels on your waxed areas during your first hair free shower. Just rinse off with lukewarm water.
Apply antiseptic cream on newly waxed areas regularly for 2~3 days after the treatment. Always wash your hands before applying any products.
Using an antibacterial skin wash or adding a cup of Dead Sea Salts to your bath will help reduce and prevent any infection and inflammation, and speeds up the healing process.
Avoid sex after Sac, Crack, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing to avoid STI
From 2~3 days after the treatment:
All areas that have been waxed should be cleaned on a daily basis and moisturised to keep the skin vibrant.
Apply sun block daily to prevent sunlight from interfering with the healing process.
Regular exfoliation may be helpful, especially on the legs and arms.
We highly recommend the use of a body brush or loofah to cope with ingrown hairs.
Avoid tight clothing especially in the freshly waxed area. Tight clothing may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.
We recommend your next appointment to be 4~6 weeks after the treatment
Most people find the hair will start to re-grow within 7-10 days following treatment. It will take up to 4 treatments spaced evenly apart for your hair to achieve a growth cycle that gives the best results. The hair needs to be a certain length in order to successfully remove it by waxing. Allow 4 to 6 week before your next appointment. We recommend regular waxing every 4~6 weeks before the hair roots fully develop, so you will have less pain and easily maintain your smooth appearance




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