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Reiki Training at Nobu's Holistic

Traditional Usui Reiki

Lots of people realise how their thoughts can impact on their health, feeling, happiness, and the way of life. There is more to Reiki than hand on healing.

In this 2 days training course you will learn how to apply Reiki in your day to day life, how to bring positive changes, and enable you to achieve those aspirations you always dreamed of.

If you would like to enroll on a class for Reiki Training please contact Nobu to check class availability or to request Weekday or Private Training over the phone or e-mail.

  Nobu is an experienced Japanese Reiki Master / Teacher and Reiki Training is available on a regular basis. His classes are informal, small and friendly so that all students are guaranteed personal attention and support together with high quality training.

Inspirational information included in his class comes from Nobu's knowledge in Japanese traditions, and his experience as a Buddhist monk and a Holistic therapist.

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