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Waxing For Men

It is natural to feel that some body hair can be unattractive and to desperately want to get rid of it... OK, so why not try waxing!
It is more effective and lasts longer than any hair removal cream or shaving, simply because it removes hair from the roots. Because it removes hair and roots, re-growth will be slower and finer. Finer hair does not cause irritation or itchiness like shaving does.

Nowadays its common for men to have waxing treatments regularly as a part of their grooming routine, like going to hair salon every month. Sometimes their partners prefer the hairless look and feel, or perhaps sports enthusiasts (swimmers, cyclists, body builders etc) for sports related benefits. But mainly they do it for themselves, to look and feel good, and if you look and feel good, you also feel confident!

Hair-free looks clean & hygienic, and helps reduce body odour, especially in summer.

It enhances muscle definition, various parts of body "assets", and sexual sensitivity.

So why not go HAIR FREE and FREE YOURSELF!!

Nobu is an experience specialist in Male Full Body Waxing.

All treatments are performed in a quiet and confidential private salon for your comfort.

This is an appointments only salon and plenty of time is given to each client, so you wont be kept waiting - Straight in, and hair straight off!

To make an waxing appointment, please message which area you would like to have waxing done in order to arrocate your appointment suitable for the time will be taken.

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